Monday, June 13, 2011


And so, our European Extravaganza has come to a close :(  Here are the last of our pictures, from Paris.  We were only there for 2 full days, but we enjoyed them greatly.
The Pyramid at the Louvre

I think there's something behind the crowd...

aahhh!!  The Mona Lisa was hiding behind that huge crowd of crazies.

The Notre Dame.  It was built in the 1100's and took 200 years... I can't wait that long for things today.

Dad, you can make this, right?  If you could get it done in time for my birthday, that would be great :)

Seriously awesome stained glass.  This window is the original window that they put in in the 1100's
I'm standing in the very center of Paris.  Sorry it's sideways... don't know how to fix that one...

The staircase we climbed up to the top of the Arc du Triomphe.

Oh hey Eiffel Tower.  Didn't see you there.
The traffic going around the roundabout.... No thank you.

At the top of the Tower.  Amazing views.

There was a music box ballerina and piano player going around the park by the Eiffel Tower.  Pretty awesome.

He drove and played at the same time!

Sunset with the sparkling lights :)

Tony's tipping it over!!

Don't worry, I'll hold it up :)

Yes.  This is the advertisement for the Hangover 2.  

The Sacre Coeur

I hope you have all enjoyed our blog and our pictures from our trip.  We loved every minute of it and we're glad we could share it with those who aren't our friends on facebook :)  Hopefully we can go back again soon.  I have a need to go shopping in Milan :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's nice to see you again, Rome :)

Hey all you party people.  Today, we bring you Rome.  These are some more pictures of the things we saw while in Italy.  Tomorrow, Paris will be in town :)

Breakfast for the first day in Rome!  Crepes :)

I loved these trees!  The "umbrella trees"

This is where Caesar was burned

The inside of the Coliseum.  This is where all the gladiators and animals stayed before being brought onstage

These guys try to take a picture with you and then try to charge you $20 for it... on your camera...

These were the original doors to Nero's Palace or something.  They're REALLY old

I was seriously excited at this gelato!

The Spanish Steps

Dinner by the Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain by night.

The fountains were the best part :)

There were so many sculptures in the Vatican Museum!!

And the ceilings were beautiful!

My illegal picture of the Sistine Chapel... shhhhh!!

Those letters are 8 feet tall...

Mmmmm St. Peter's Square.  So Pretty!

They had a mirror at the top of St. Peter's.  Clearly, it's just to take pictures of ourselves, right?

Pieta in St. Peter's

Yup.  The guards at St. Peter's.  Michelangelo designed those uniforms.

Date Night in Rome

Coliseum at night.

The mountains on the way to Naples

A body cast from Pompeii

These frescos are still in Pompeii!

That's Vesuvius in the background

The Pantheon in Rome!